Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

As we are nearing the end of 2017, I’d like to share a couple of things with you.

It’s Christmas time again. It’s a time of togetherness and love and for some, a time of sadness. If you are religious, it is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

But for autistic people, it can be a time where they may be confused, due to a change in routine. Christmas can also be a lonely time for autistic people. And it can be a time where meltdowns may be increased, due to change in routine, noises, flickering Christmas lights, smells, etc.

Here are a few tips for autistic people and parents:

  • If you are celebrating Christmas with your family, remember to take some time for yourself in case it gets too much.
  • Make sure that you have your communication device (cell phone and/or iPad) and remember to bring your comfort item and/or stim toys.
  • Check out the menu to see if there is something that you eat. Or if you’re at a relative’s house and that relative knows you eating habits, rest assured that you will find something to eat.
  • Please respect the autistic person’s way of communicating. And if the autistic person in your life doesn’t want to be touched, DON’T!!
  • Don’t force the autistic person to hug somebody that he or she doesn’t want to hug.
  • Don’t force the autistic person to sit in between members of the family without their comfort item or stim toy or their headphones.
  • Plan a way to get away from it all when it gets too much.

I hope these tips help you.


2017 was a very challenging year for me. It was a year of change. In my personal life and at work. I changed to another department at work. And now it’s going much better.
I connected with more autistic people on social media. And it feels so good to connect with them and share our experiences.
I started with a Facebook page dedicated to this blog.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! May 2018 be a better year!!!

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